Cootie Catchers


Today’s post is a short one, but hopefully, it will give you a quick activity to use with a wide range of kiddos. “Cootie catchers” are a great idea for targeting everything from artic words to “WH” questions to following directions. This is a blank template that allows you to type in any target you wish. I can see this being a fun, quick prep activity to target articulation and language. You could make one that has general “WH” questions that can be applied to any fiction or nonfiction story or if you wanted to take the time, you could write questions that apply to a specific story. It might also be fun to use this medium for randomly selecting directions for a kiddo to follow! The options are endless!!

Have you used Cootie Catchers in your speech room? What types of goals have you targeted? Also make sure to see the “general” folder on our pinterest page for more fun “cootie catcher” ideas!


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