Stellaluna Literacy Unit

Happy Friday! As promised- below is a compilation of the activities the Stellaluna book group produced during our meeting on 9/8. It seems appropriate to use for the month of October (bats), but could be used any time of year! (Here is a link to the story read aloud.)


  • Compare/contrast (i.e. birds/bats)
  • Categories/Sorting (i.e. Nocturnal animals, day animals)
  • Prediction
  • Inferencing
  • EET (i.e. bat, bird)
  • Vocabulary (i.e. swoop, nocturnal, habitat)
  • Core Vocabulary (i.e. basic concepts, verbs) – fringe at top of core board
  • Opposites (i.e. in/out, up/down, night/day, etc.)
  • Identifying emotions
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Sentence formulation with vocabulary
  • WH Questions


  • Bat craft for following directions
  • Mango Smoothie (i.e. sequencing, following directions)
  • Story Retell with popsicle stick puppets

There are also several FREE activities listed on TPT.

Have you used Stellaluna?


Story Time Communication Boards

Rebecca Sutton stumbled upon this great resource that relates to our goal of incorporating more books into therapy. One of the books we worked on is even included in the book!

Rebecca says:

I was motivated to incorporate books into some of my therapy groups after the meeting and ran into this little gem. This box of goodies is invaluable. It is all done for you. I had one of the books at home and started on it today. My students loved it! I even printed off boards from the cd rom and sent them home for extra practice for some of them. Thought I would pass this along while SLPs still have money to spend.

***EDITED– Here is the link to the product from Super Duper Inc.***

Heads up and Reminder

Hey all! I just wanted to give you a heads up as to when each “literacy unit” will be posted. (These are the units we developed during out work session at the back to school meeting.) As I said before, they will be posted about a week before the first of the month to give you time to get materials together if you wish. I wanted to let you know when each unit will be posted, in case you have additional materials that you would like to send. I would love to be able to compile all the great things you all are using or planning to use!


November-Puzzle Island

December- The Snowy Day

January- I Love My Hair

February- Martin’s Big Words

March-She Persisted and Shout!

April- The Great Kapok Tree

May- Harry Potter and Head to Toe

August (posted at the end of the school year)- The Kissing Hand

SO…….If you have any materials related to any of these books that you would like to share, please send them to me!!

I also wanted to remind everyone that the deadline to sign up for the Book Study is this afternoon! If you want to get in on it, let me know ASAP! Our first chapter post will be on 9/27!

Happy Wednesday!


More Apple Activities!!!

Ali Carroll (SLP at Jaeger, Westport Middle and Westport TAPP) has shared several apple activities that could be incorporated into the previously posted Ten Red Apples literacy unit!

She says:

I have used the story “The Little Red House with No Windows” with elementary aged students, along with ideas for language extensions.

There is also boardmaker pictures I used to assist with retell and sequencing of the story.

Another attachment is a visual for labeling the parts of an apple to facilitate vocabulary development.

Also are apple tree pictures, which are laminated and I use primarily with preschoolers, who add apples to the tree with inkpad fingerprints.  Students get a choice of red, green, or yellow inkpad and then state where will place apple (top of tree bottom, etc).  They also enjoy classroom suites activities involving apples: All About Apples, Apples Apples, and Apple Tree (the poems/songs are included on a handout/attachment that I’ve sent home in the past…it’s a bit cluttered because I sent it to you all on one page).

I also used the applesauce recipe  (included in classroom suites) with MSD classes but I can’t find the better visuals anymore!!

Thanks, Ali!


In trying to get ahead of the game, I am working on scheduleing the blog posts based on your ideas from the work session at the back to school meeting. While I was trying to schedule a post for February 2018, I accidentally entered February 2017. OOPS!! Apparently, that date has already passed!

If you received the email alert about the “She Persisted Literacy Unit” Please disregard! You’ll get to view the FULL post when February 2018 rolls around! SORRY!!!

Miss Nelson is Missing

Today you get a bonus!! We wanted to get this one out quickly, in case other classes are going to see this while it is going on!

Lindsey Ludwig shares:

My kids went to Stage One this week to see the play “Miss Nelson is Missing” I wanted to do a follow up activity with my MSD classes, so we made Voila Swamp cookies using sugar cookies, black icing, candy eyes and bugles (see attached picture). Students in my MSD class worked on labeling items (cookies, icing), requesting, identifying body parts (eyes, nose, hair, mouth) and following directions r/t basic concepts (ex: put the nose in the middle of the cookie). With my older MSD kids, we did a comparing/contrasting activity. Students were given various adjectives and had to decide whether the words described Ms. Nelson or Ms. Swamp. (see attached picture). You could also incorporate synonyms and antonyms with this activity. I just wanted to share quickly because I know a lot of schools are heading out to see this.


Ten Red Apples Literacy Unit

Happy Friday…finally!
Today I am sharing the first piece of our group activity from last Friday’s ‘back to school’ meeting. While we are already half way through September, I thought this would be a fun book to target this month. (I plan to post the activities at least a week before the month that the activity was intended, but I just didn’t have this one in time!)

This is a chart that details the activities and skills addressed. This is information directly from the group that presented about this book on 9/8.

They also included the following links for additional activities:

If you are in need of more apple themed activities , you could refer back to this post from a couple years ago. You may also find some related activities within this fall themed post from Lindsey Ludwig.

Has anyone made or found any great apple-related activities? If you have, post or link to them below or send to me via email. I’ll make sure they make it to the blog!