Happy Tuesday!! I just wanted to let everyone know that, thanks to Lisa Ehrie, there is a new document under RTI. It is some information you can share with teachers about Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions. I think this could be very helpful! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

The Lost Sock

51g8TjpXCUL__SX398_BO1,204,203,200_As promised on Tuesday, I’m back with some ideas about how to use “The Lost Sock” during therapy.

  • Positional concepts: The book is filled with positional concepts including: on, in, bottom, underneath, behind, and inside. For your kiddos who have difficulty identifying these terms using pictures, you could bring in an actual sock to manipulate.


  • Matching: If you have kiddos who work on matching you could bring on various pairs of socks and match them. It might be good to talk about why they match to bring in some descriptive terms. (The border around each page also depicts various socks. You could utilize those if you choose not to use actual socks)
  • Listening for details/following directions: Have kiddos find the sock you are describing and or manipulate a certain sock (ie put the green striped sock on the table)
  • Synonyms and antonyms: There are several opportunities to talk about synonyms and antonyms (open/shut, big/small) and word relationships (How do washer and dryer go together?)

1Do you have a go-to book that is rich with language content? What is it?

The Lost Sock

Have you heard the word?  Donna Dunn, a JCPS retired SLP, has written a children’s book!  “The Lost Sock” incorporates basic spatial concepts and rhyming into a charming book about the search for a lost sock.  The surprise ending and colorful illustrations delight children from ages 2-7 and the book would make a great Christmas gift.  If you would like to purchase one or more signed books ($12.00 each) directly from Donna, you can e-mail her at or send a check to her at: Donna Dunn, 4305 Annshire Ave., Louisville, KY 40213.  Donna will sign the books, deliver them to the speech office and they will be ready for you to pick up at the “December 1” meeting. This Friday’s post will highlight some therapy ideas that incorporate “The Lost Sock.”


App Mania!

It seems like recently apps have been a huge topic of conversation. I have had many of you call to ask if I had a good list of apps to use in therapy. While we can’t buy apps using school funds at this point, many of you are choosing to either purchase them on your own or find alternate sources of funding. So, today I wanted to share with you some resources that Cindy Simpson shared with me earlier this week. The first is an Apps wheel. This one is for kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but a quick google search of “Apps wheel” will result in several similar but different options.


If you are interested, here is what ASHA has to say about apps and their utility in speech therapy. They also share several links and related resources within this article.

Another good resource for apps and their uses can be found here.

As always, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for more app-ealing (sorry it’s cheesy, I know) ideas! Do you use apps for therapy? What are some of your favorites?

Our SLPs are Doing Great Things!

Check out this week’s Monday memo for Kudos to our very own, Chelsea Graham!

Kudos to NeShaune Lasley, Chelsea Graham, and Amanda Krise at Eisenhower Elementary. The three sponsor the Eisenhower Global Game Changers (GGC), an after-school program that empowers students with positive self-esteem and promotes meaningful interactions in the community. Students earn badges as they learn about healthcare, veterans’ services, the environment, and other topics. Recently, the students held a campaign to collect Halloween costumes to benefit children at the Home of the Innocents. The Eisenhower students collected 57 costumes in 6 days. Typically, the group with about 20 students meets after school in the spring, but they joined efforts early in the school year to help out their peers.

Find the entire Monday Memo at:

Share your ideas!!

Today, you have the opportunity to share your ideas! It would be awesome if you all could write a full-blown post about your great therapy ideas, but I know many of you don’t have the time to spend on that. So, today is your opportunity to share your favorite therapy idea/material/theme and a brief explanation. PLEASE, take 2 minutes and share your fabulous ideas with colleagues in the comments below! Remember, sharing is caring! 🙂 Happy Friday!!