Kahoot Cards


We use these Kahoot cards in MSD high school classes at Shawnee. I made the cards using shapes printed, cardstock or paper, and lamination. The colors and shapes on the card answer choices match what is displayed on an iPad for answer choices in Kahoot. Classes at Shawnee typically watch CNN 10 news each morning, then do a Kahoot activity to answer questions about the news, and other questions, like “What are you looking forward to today?” with four choices: reading, math, lunch, art. Many students are able to select a Kahoot answer on an iPad, however other students need two prompted choices, or make choices using cards. Given two cards and a verbal prompt for the Kahoot question, students are able to respond by choosing a card, and a communication partner selects the student’s choice on an iPad, to allow all students to participate in the competitive Kahoot game. After choosing a card response, some students are able to select that answer on the iPad with hand-over-hand assistance.  These cards have increased student participation in their class Kahoot activity, and improved partner-assisted communication in class. Image.jpeg

–Becky Owens

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