Welcome to our blog! We want to emphasize that this blog belongs to all SLPs in our school district. We will shape the design of this site to offer support and inspiration to assist in your daily work. Although your work leads you in different locations, the purpose of this blog is to help everyone feel connected as a cohesive group.

Here are some ways we recommend to use this resource:

· General information and job-specific resources

· Opportunities for inspiration

· Peer questions and answers

· Peer reviewed resources

· Professional learning opportunities

· Idea development

· Creative resource sharing – We want your FABULOUS and CREATIVE ideas.

· Colleague recognition and support

· Community building

Guest bloggers are welcome! We want to introduce a wide range of topics. Topic suggestions are welcome. If you have a special areas of interest and expertise, feel free to let us know.

Here are a few ground rules:

· Remember the ethical considerations surrounding confidentiality

· Be courteous and professional

· Stay positive – If there are concerns, please contact the speech office. We will be happy to listen and work to find a mutually agreed upon resolution.

· Be constructive, not destructive – Recommendations are welcome.

The speech office will have the final word on what is published on this blog.