Quit Bugging Me!!

ant no white backgroundSpring (even though it feels more like summer this week) is FINALLY here! Do we even dare hope that we are done with snow days? It seems our recent bit of warm weather has brought out all the bugs! These creepy-crawly critters can be a great way to engage students of all ages. This is also a fun way to incorporate nonfiction text into your therapy sessions. Because many times we use the term “bug” in a general sense, it might be good time to talk about the difference between a bug and an insect. You could use this information from Scholastic to begin the conversation and continue the discussion using this simple graphic organizer.

How are Bugs and Insects Related

ReadWorks is a great website that offers fiction and nonfiction texts with corresponding questions. The following are texts that correspond with a “bug” theme:
(All are non-fiction unless marked with an *)
lady bug red
Kindergarten level text:
Busy Bees
Danisha Sees Cricket*
Ant and Grasshopper*
1st Grade level text:
Watch Out Ticks
Butterflies and Flowers
2nd Grade level text:
All About Ants
Buzz About Honey
Insects Move
Time to Fly
3rd Grade level text:
Cat Treats Stop Mosquitos
Ants on a Log
4th Grade level text:
Bugging Out
6th Grade level text:
7th Grade level text:
Genetic Basis of Butterflies

By searching “bugs” in the TPT store, you can find page after page of bug and insect related activities. Many of the items are absolutely free!! Here is a quick rundown of activities that may be applicable that are available for free in the TPT store:

Love Bug Preschool Articulation
Smash the Bug
bee with buzz tail
Bug Prepositions
Initiating Conversation
Sorting by Attributes
Bug Riddle Book

Vocabulary Specific
Multiple Meaning Words
Bugged Out Antonyms
Vocabulary Bugs for Speech Therapy
Multiple Meaning Word Bugs
Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Bug Reinforcer

If you have kiddos who love technology the following apps are free and could be used as quick reinforcers:
BugSmasher (for Ipad/Iphone)
BugSmasher (For Android)

I downloaded all the Clipart in this post for free from the TPT Store. You can find it here:

Are you going buggy this spring? What springy things are happening in your speech rooms?