Sea Snacks

HAPPY LAST FRIDAY OF SCHOOL!!! Today, Candra Grether, SLP at Phoenix and Jtown High, shares an awesome idea for those last few therapy sessions. If you aren’t able to work this into your schedule before school gets out, maybe it will be useful in August!!

Most SLPs are probably wrapping up speech sessions this week but if anyone still needs an end of the year therapy activity and has money burning a hole in their pocket, I shopped for ingredients for this Tuesday evening and made the visual recipe in PowerPoint last night while watching TV. It has made for a fun last day of speech activity in the MSD classrooms in one of my schools today. Besides the obvious language targets of following directions, sequencing, and word combining/describing (e.g., “red fish”), it’s also been good for functional communicative skills of requesting and rejecting (a few have only wanted goldfish, for example, and one student can’t have anything with red dye) as well as manners and problem solving (leave an ingredient or two out before reviewing the “materials needed” section). Plus, BEACH THEME! 😊 This year has flown by.
*Found the blue jelly beans at Party City.
Thanks, Candra!