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Jennifer Johnston shares:

I found a few resources to share with teachers who want to refer students for speech due to their English learning status. I ha€™ve always felt bad about not being able to give them the help they want, but these supports really could be immediately beneficial so it’€™s one less thing on my long SLP Guilt List.

The Essential Spanish Phrase Book for Teachers is an amazing resource and I can’€™t believe it’s free. It provides Spanish phrases/sentences that can help bridge the language gap during the typical school day and also includes a section for parent communication. Every school should know about this.

This site has a variety of Spanish/English communication boards: https://sites.google.com/a/esc13.net/corevocab13/printable-manual-communication-boards/downloadable-bilingual-boards
From there, click on â€Spanish Manual Communication Book 48 location.€ That will take you to the Google Drive for Austin Independent where you a€™ll find multiple Spanish Boardmaker PDFs.

Also, I recently noticed that we can see EL assessment scores in Infinite Campus. From the Index tabs on the left, English Learners (EL) is under Program Participation which is under Student Information. You can see their ACCESS scores for speaking, listening, literacy, reading, and writing and look up how they align with proficiency levels which can help us determine whether their communication skills are consistent with what is expected based on the performance descriptions.

Jennifer Johnston, MS/CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Smyrna Elementary School

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