AAC for Children Who are Verbal?

Do you ever consider AAC for children who are verbal but highly unintelligible? How do you determine how much of the child’s speech is understood? Do you go by how many words you can decipher in context or out of context? Do you take into consideration familiar vs. unfamiliar listeners? Cindy Simpson recommended this article and related documents (below) as a systematic way of determining intelligibility in a variety of situations for kiddos who may need technology to supplement verbal communication. As you look through these documents, it is important to also consider that, as you know, kiddos will use the system of communication that is the most efficient. So, it will be very uncommon for this to be a viable option. However, if you come across one of these rare cases, it is important to consider these different contexts as well as the academic impact.

I-ASCC Administration & Scoring Instructions

I-ASCC Assembly Instructions

I-ASCC Contexts Set A

I-ASCC Contexts Set B

I-ASCC Cover Sheet (evaluator copy)

IASCC Labels Form A

IASCC Labels Form B

IASCC Pictures Set A (PCS)

IASCC Pictures Set A (SymbolStix)

IASCC Pictures Set B (PCS)

IASCC Pictures Set B (SymbolStix)

I-ASCC Record Form (listener copy)


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