Back to School

As Melissa said last week, Welcome back!! Hopefully the beginning of your school year has gone smoothly and you are getting into the swing of your schedule!

With the transient nature of our caseloads, you may be just getting to know many of your kiddos. One fun activity that could help you get to know your new kiddos (and old) a little better would be creating ‘name glyphs’. This activity can also be used to target following directions and understanding basic concepts. This free activity from TPT could be simplified for lower level kiddos or made to be more complex for students who need more of a challenge. If you have kiddos who aren’t able to write their own names (in bubble or block letters) you could have them pre-printed for them. If you have been struggling with a way to decorate your walls or a bulletin board, these might be fun to use.

What types of ‘get to know you’ activities do you use?

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Throwback Thursday!

Happy Friday Eve!! Just as a reminder of how much things have changed over the years, check out this article from the ‘Sound Off’ newsletter for JCPS SLPs from April of 1994.


Anyone still using an Apple II or MS-DOS 3.5?


SLP’s in Monday Memo!


The above Early Childhood employees enjoyed an evening of teambuilding and art at Whet Your Palette. The paintings can be seen at the diagnostic center at DuValle Early Childhood Center.

Kudos to JCPS speech pathologists, placement specialists, and diagnosticians who work together with the youngest learners in the district. The employees enjoyed an evening teambuilding exercise at Whet Your Palette. The employees created paintings to liven up the diagnostic center at DuValle Early Childhood Center. This team conducts evaluation and placement for children ages three to five who could benefit from early intervention services in preschool. The participating employees were Carrie Kaelin, Erica Hayes, Jennifer Whorton, Michelle Bolton, Shaneh Raymer, Carrie McGee, Lori Wheeler, Laura Sexton, Teresa Cox, Jessica Wieringa, Debbie McClain, Tina Tembeleska, Patsy Woods, Norah Kute, and Emilie Archer.

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Summer is over, we are over a week into school, and it almost feels like the time off didn’t really happen!  If you are like me I love my time off but am always excited for the beginning of the new school year.  It is so exciting and this year I was particularly excited.   Our Professional Development was FANTASTIC!  We received rave reviews on every session.  Beginning our year like that really helps in meeting our Vision 2015 Goal 4: All schools are staffed, resourced, and equipped to support student needs.

Please notice that our Technical Assistance Manual (general documents), the one page Speech Language Newsletter (general documents), and the Speech Language Requirements for Evaluation/Reevaluation Chart (evaluations) have all been updated on our blog for your convenience.  We have also posted all the coding for IEPs (annual reviews) that can sometimes trip you up when attempting to write IEPs or have students push from Infinite Campus to EdPlan.

In addition for your convenience we have included the links for the Initial Speech Language Only Evaluations and Dismissal from Speech Language Services via google docs. which can be found under the evaluation tab.

We are now active on Twitter (@SLPs_JCPS) and Pinterest.  Please follow us—Dr. Hargens does!

Upcoming important dates

Date/Time Event

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015  8:30-3:30 Annual Back to School Meeting

Monday, October 5, 2015 Gold Day –specifics at Back to School Meeting

Thursday, October 22, 2015 after school hours PLC Leader Meeting

Monday, November 2, 2015 Gold Day-specifics at Back to School Meeting

Thursday, November 17, 2015  New SLP Meeting

Monday, December 7, 2015     12:00-4:30 December 1 Count Meeting

Tuesday January 19, 2016    after school hours SLP PLC Meeting

Thursday February 4, 2016   after school hours PLC Leader Meeting

Tuesday March 15, 2016   after school hours SLP PLC Meeting

Monday, March 28, 2016   8:30-3:30 Pairings Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 9, 2016 New SLP Meeting

Thursday, April 21, 2016   4:30-6:30 SLP Choose Up Meeting

Monday, May 23, 2016   12-00-4:30 SLP End of the Year Meeting

Thank you for being a part of our team—each of you are an important piece of our group.  Here is to a fabulous 2015-2016 school year!  And for those moments when you need a little pick me up make sure you have a “feel good” picture to get you back on track….feel free to use mine if you need to.


Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday, September 8th!