target Miriam-Webster.com defines a goal as something that you are trying to do or achieve. As SLPs within the school setting we tend to be very goal-oriented people, whether it be by nature or necessity. We address IEP goals, learning targets, and curriculum standards for our students and we work toward professional growth within our own practice. We are fully aware of our goals and when they are due, but sometimes we forget to share this information with our students. This is a worksheet that can help you stay on track as well as helping students become familiar with the goals they are working toward. (It is editable, so feel free to make it your own) This would be a good addition to your “first day” routine next year, but it isn’t too late to implement this year. It would also be a good opportunity to introduce or review synonyms (target and goal) and multiple meaning words (target, goal). You could also use the opportunity to target vocabulary like annual, due, review, or other words within goals that would be appropriate for the student. One last suggestion would be to keep this sheet in the students’ working folders and review them at progress report time. This will give the students an opportunity to do some self-reflection and give you the opportunity to consider progress. One other way to monitor progress and to involve your students in the process would be to allow each student to monitor his or her own progress. This is an example of a document that could be used in allowing students to track progress. Do you use something similar with your kiddos?