Decorating Santa Cupcakes

Today we have a treat! We have TWO guest posts! Marie Fisher has kindly shared a fun cooking activity, perfect for older students and young ones alike. Erin Ruppelt has created a ‘Letter to Santa’ activity that is sure to be a hit! Thanks so much to these ladies for being willing to share!
This activity worked nicely with my students who have low incidence disabilities; particularly students who use AAC. The students were able to make requests/comment about the different ingredients (ex: “I need sprinkles”, “more sprinkles” or “enough sprinkles”). The activity can be modified so that students have to make requests/comments using 1 word or 4-5 words. It also targets the student’s ability to follow directions with many embedded prepositions and basic concepts (“sprinkle red above the marshmallows”). The activity can also be used to address sequencing goals of various levels. After all of the students completed the activity they taught their “non-speech” peers how to decorate the santa cupcakes!! J
Ingredients: cupcakes, frosting, candy for eyes/nose, marshmallows, and red sprinkles.    
The Boards to go along with this activity can be found here, here, and here.
This is a Christmas activity that SLPs can use with students that are working on expanding their expressive language (specifically addressing EET). It’s a letter to Santa that students can write what they want from Santa by describing. You can also find some good links for other activities for expanding vocabulary, descriptive concepts, etc. here:

Elf Activities

Happy Friday!! With the holiday season in full swing, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the ‘Elf on the Shelf.’ This little red troublemaker started out as Santa’s sidekick in homes across America. It seems that as his popularity has grown, he has taken up residence in many classrooms as well. On a personal note, it appears that the elf has become my nemesis. Over the past two years, I have lost and had to replace it twice and it seems that I am scrambling every morning to move him from yesterday’s mischief. So, as much as it pains me to support the elf, I felt it had to be done! The kiddos love him, and it’s all about the kids, right?


This game board can be used as a general reinforcer with any task or it can be used in conjunction with these following directions cards. (These cards are similar but blank so you can use them for whatever you want!)


The game board can be used as a “file folder game” if you attach page one to the left side of a folder and page 2 to the right side.


You can use these large characters in conjunction with the following directions cards or you can use them with these small characters to target big vs. small. You could also use the small characters as markers for your board game. The boy, girl, and snowman could also be used to target pronouns (he/she/it).

If you like the elf theme, you can find lots more activities (many for free) on the TPT store. Also, don’t forget to check out our ‘ELF’ pinterest board.

Do you have a speech room elf? What fun activities have you used?

****In using these activities PLEASE remember to be culturally sensitive!****