Thrifty Therapy Thursday

Therapy materials are expensive! Sometimes it takes a little creativity a lot of creativity to plan interesting and engaging sessions without spending a fortune on materials! Because of this, many SLPs have become masters of “making something out of nothing.” The idea of “making something out of nothing” inspired this blog’s newest series of posts: Thrifty Therapy Thursday!! (I have to confess, I tried this once before and didn’t get much response– but I thought I’d give it another go now that the blog is more established…) Here is how it will work:

• On Thursday morning (the second Thursday of the month), there will be a post containing a picture and desription of an item found at a thrift store, on clearance or “salvaged.”
• Once it is posted, you will have the opportunity to comment with what you would do with the item to transform it into a useful therapy tool.
• The deadline for comments/ideas will be 10am the following Monday morning.
• A winner will be announced by Tuesday morning. The prize for posting the best idea will be the actual item, which will be sent to the winner via pony mail.

Hopefully, this will be a fun way to create a little friendly competition that results in someone walking away with a prize! The only caveat is that it only works if YOU participate!! The first item will be posted NEXT THURSDAY! If you have any questions, comment below! GOOD LUCK!!


Where do you go when you are lacking inspiration? With two jam-packed weeks behind me and no end in sight, I have had difficulty coming up with inspiration for today’s post. With meetings, paperwork, evaluations, and schedule changes galore, I know you feel the same! So, what does one do when there is no time for creativity? I don’t know about anyone else, but I rely heavily on the creativity of others. There are several ways I do this:

Teachers pay teachers
Most of you are already using this site, but I wanted to share some of my favorite “stores” with you:
Nicole Allison
Jenna Rayburn
Mia McDaniel
Super Speech Powers

These are all “stores” that I have personally bought items from and been pleased with the content. You can find more speech-specific materials by clicking the “specialty” tab under “Subjects.” One of the options there will be speech therapy. Other areas that you might find useful include: English/Language Arts, Special Education, Oral Language, Early Intervention, ESL and American Sign Language (under the languages tab).

A few people that have great ideas:
Lauren S. Enders
Jenna Rayburn
SLPs on TPT (this is a collaborative board for SLPs with stores on
JCPS SLPs (YES! We have a pinterest account. We are still working on the logistics of it!) 🙂

Other placed to find useful resources include:
Share My Lesson
Boardmaker Share

Where do you find inspiration when you are feeling uninspired?