Tech Tuesday

Chelsea Graham shares:

Blub Blub – Speech Blubs – Speech & Language Therapy Practices

Speech Blubs is a powerful app that has been used over 150,000 times to trigger sounds and words in toddlers, children with Apraxia, Autism, Down Syndrome

This app is SUPER.  Not only is it FREE….but ALL my students love it. Basic overview: It’s an app to increase verbalization.  App is organized into categories of words: Shapes, Animals, Colors, Songs, etc.

Once you pick a word to practice….a video of a child saying the word is shown.  After about 30 seconds, a picture of that word pops up.  Then it returns to the child saying the word, but NOW….the video camera is initiated and your student is projected in the upper right corner (think FaceTime).  If you ‘flip’ the screens, so your student is the big picture and the videoed child is in the corner…. it turns into a SnapChat-ish filter.  Kids LOVE this. After practicing like this, then a ‘play’ button pops up in the lower right corner, as a ‘reward’ for practicing. Play the video, and you will see a short clip of something related to the targeted word. This gives you more opportunities to practice saying the word.

My students with apraxia and Autism are verbalizing more with this app.  My artic and language kids enjoy it for the novelty – as well as getting the visual feedback of how they are producing the target words.

Oh – and it’s FREE for therapists.