Where do you go when you are lacking inspiration? With two jam-packed weeks behind me and no end in sight, I have had difficulty coming up with inspiration for today’s post. With meetings, paperwork, evaluations, and schedule changes galore, I know you feel the same! So, what does one do when there is no time for creativity? I don’t know about anyone else, but I rely heavily on the creativity of others. There are several ways I do this:

Teachers pay teachers
Most of you are already using this site, but I wanted to share some of my favorite “stores” with you:
Nicole Allison
Jenna Rayburn
Mia McDaniel
Super Speech Powers

These are all “stores” that I have personally bought items from and been pleased with the content. You can find more speech-specific materials by clicking the “specialty” tab under “Subjects.” One of the options there will be speech therapy. Other areas that you might find useful include: English/Language Arts, Special Education, Oral Language, Early Intervention, ESL and American Sign Language (under the languages tab).

A few people that have great ideas:
Lauren S. Enders
Jenna Rayburn
SLPs on TPT (this is a collaborative board for SLPs with stores on
JCPS SLPs (YES! We have a pinterest account. We are still working on the logistics of it!) 🙂

Other placed to find useful resources include:
Share My Lesson
Boardmaker Share

Where do you find inspiration when you are feeling uninspired?