Baseline/Stimulability Screener

Thea Sellers shares:

Hi, everyone,
I’m happy to share a new assessment/screening tool I created to help with quickly and efficiently collecting baseline and/or stimulability data during initial evaluations or re-evals.
It includes a data collection protocol for consonants and vowels and is organized by CV, VC, CVC/Early Sounds, Middle Sounds, Late Sounds and Complex Blends.
The data collection protocol lists each sound with accompanying vocabulary prompts and has a place to mark if the student can produce the sound in isolation.  If true baseline data is being gathered, the picture prompts can be administered alone, or, if a stimulability percentage is needed, the words can be administered with a model and cues.  The picture prompts can also be used as stimuli for collecting progress data if a goal or benchmark is written for a specific phoneme.
When designing this tool, I tried to pick familiar, salient vocabulary, as well as pair a variety of vowel sounds with each consonant to look for facilitating contexts.
If you decide to use it, I’d love your feedback!  Thanks!
Thanks, Thea!!

5 thoughts on “Baseline/Stimulability Screener

  1. Jennifer Johnston says:

    Thea, this is incredible! I’ve already printed it and am going to use it today.
    You even included the trickier clusters, including the /-j-/ and final clusters. You obviously put a lot of time and thought into it so it’s very generous of you to share it with us. Now, go put it on Teachers Pay Teachers and earn a little $ for your effort!

  2. Jane Stosberg says:

    THank you so much, Thea. This will definitely help me streamline my data collection. It was so generous of you to share.

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