More Visuals!!

My mind just wasn’t focusing on a report during my planning today so I decided to take a “brain break” and made an activity that I can use with the majority of my caseload next week and for future end of school years. I thought I’d share in case anyone can use an idea for next week or the rest of this week.

During the end of the year when many classes have movies on, push-in therapy can be challenging. This is inspired by a similar “Happy New Year letter” activity that Kelly Williams (Miklosh) shared with me in January that I believe she found on I did a quick search on TPT to see if I could find something similar for the end of the year with no luck. This is a letter for either the last week of school (pages 2-3) or the end of the year (pages 4-5), depending on what wording you like best. I plan to print pages 1 and 2 front and back and use page 3 for visual supports for language. All I need are several copies, scissors, and glue sticks, and my students and I will be good to go (after they express what they want to say in their letter we will glue their choices on). For the “Dear __,” part, I’m going to have them tell me who they want to write the letter to or give choices verbally or with devices as needed (mom, Mrs. (teacher name), etc.). I’ll use some OT/teacher tricks to help them address and sign the letter as needed (highlighted visual to be traced and/or name stamp). With what time we have left we will practice their letter orally as best as we can depending on ability and share it with their teacher, even if they decided to write to their mom because any talking is good talking.

Thanks, Kelly, for the inspiration! 

Also, I’m attaching the rest of my CBI visual maps if anyone wants them.

Stony Brook Meijer

Stony Brook Kroger Map

Middletown WalMart Map

THANKS, Candra!!!

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