Tech Tuesday

Carrie Kaelin shares:

Hi everyone! I’d like to share the app that I use most often…. Voice Recorder… from the App Store. I’ve tried a few recording apps, and this is my favorite thus far.

This app is very easy to use. Handy features: 1. Keeps the recordings in chronological order. 2. Very easy to label the recording.   3. You can create folders.   4. My favorite feature…you can ‘rewind’ by 15 second intervals and ‘fast forward’ by 15 second intervals. Nice! Trying to listen to a speech sample and the dog starts barking? Or your co-worker starts talking to you about how awesome their spouse is? Is your hearing acuity not quite what it used to be? No worries….. just ‘rewind’ a bit to listen again.

  1. Another nice feature….. when listening to the recording you can slow it to ½ time (push the 1X at the bottom of the screen). I have used it to listen closely to certain segments of speech and language samples. But honestly, it is more entertaining than anything else. All parties sound like they have been celebrating with a glass of something refreshing….i.e. the speech is slurred. I have never been more aware of my Kentucky accent!

Here’s a picture of what the screen looks like when you are playing the recording…….

Notice the little advertisement bar at the top. That does pop up, but it is not overly annoying.

I not only use this app for recording speech & language samples, but I also frequently record my students during therapy, to target auditory discrimination and self-evaluation. They enjoy hearing themselves and think it’s so funny when they hear Ms. Carrie chime in!

Happy Recording!

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