Lindsey Ludwig shares:

This is the bug unit I’ve been doing with my mixed groups over the past week. For the little ones, I try to give them groups of bugs that have their articulation sounds in them to practice. For the older ones working on articulation carryover, we just tell 1-2 thing we know about each but. This is also a great activity for multiple language goals. I’ve had kids work on wh-questions (What do bees make? Why does the scorpion have claws?) describing attributes, comparing/contrasting, problem solving (Ex: Which bugs are harmful? How does the bee harm you differently than the mosquito or scorpion?), categorizing (find all the bugs that fly/have long, skinny bodies, etc.). To make my pictures, I just uploaded them into boardmaker. It took some time, but I’ve saved these pictures and used them for probably the past 5 years. The kids are highly engaged, because, come on, kids love bugs! We’ve also made ladybug cookies to go with the activity. I just bought sugar cookies, mixed some red food coloring into icing, and had them put chocolate chips on them to make it look like black ladybug spots. You could also make other bug treats…see attached pics for ideas. I’ve also used YouTube for some supplementary teaching. For example, if they say they don’t know what a cicada is, I find a video on there about the noise a cicada makes. This usually makes the light bulb go off and they realize that they have heard that noise and therefore have a frame of reference for that particular insect. This really has been a fun unit for my kids from preschool through 5th grade.


Thanks, Lindsey!!


One thought on “Bugs!

  1. Holly Hamill says:

    I love this idea! Cute, cute! I could see a great EET lesson for push-in therapy as well! Thanks for sharing.

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