Tech Tuesday

Ashley Burch shares:

I have a love hate relationship with my iPad.  I love using it with my students but I also struggle with using it because 1. they already have so much screen time and 2. the drama when you are finished!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Talking Tom:  This cat responds to touch and repeats everything you say in a funny voice.  Great motivation for little ones and you can work on basic concepts, body parts, “what do you think will happen”, or just using words/word approximations to request what I do to make Tom talk.

Toddler Animal Sounds and Pictures:  This app provides real life pictures of animals and the sounds they make.  Provides lots of opportunities for naming, using a variety of words, and also great motivation.

I also constantly use the timer function to either let them know when the time’s up or the opposite how long they have to work until they get the iPad as a reward.  And finally all of my students love watching themselves on video or seeing their pictures.  We use selfies of ourselves and our friends to work on lots of vocabulary, pronouns, and sentence building.


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