DERBY ACTIVITY- No Bake Horse Cookies

Candra Grether shared this and I thought I’d try to get it out there to everyone before Derby passes us by!

Most of my MSD units are talking about the Derby this week. I got the cookie idea and pictures from and made a visual “recipe” with a combination of Boardmaker and Powerpoint. I made the first page of directions quickly last night after a Meijer run and after doing the activity twice this morning, made some language and visual tweaks that will be better for me for future use. I’ve left both on the file. Great for following directions, spatial concepts and adjectives (positions, big/little), requesting, problem solving (leave an ingredient out… what is missing?), counting (how many chocolate chips? eyes?), and EATING! I used this with mostly AAC users this morning (hence my page two edit/switch to the text paired with pictures) and it was great for their actual IEP goals of initiating, commenting, and word combining plus all of the other skills already mentioned. OT jumped in on it too and we had a fun morning!

Thanks, Candra!!


2 thoughts on “DERBY ACTIVITY- No Bake Horse Cookies

  1. Sharilyn Jones says:

    Thanks for this! I have used a similar recipe using Nutter Butters, halved peanuts for ears, and mini chocolate chips for the nostrils. I have also iced the cookies with chocolate icing which makes it easier for everything to stick. I like the new recipe because it may be safer for people with peanut allergies (I’ll have to read the label on the cookies.) These are super cute! They have always been a hit at Derby parties, and I know my students will love them. Thanks! Sharilyn

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