Tech Tuesday

Jessica Wieringa shares:

I have found several apps that have been useful during speech/ language therapy sessions with preschool-age students. I typically prefer to use manipulatives/ hands-on activities during therapy sessions (most of my students are spending a lot of time in front of a screen at home), however, I have found that using the iPad as a reinforcer, during language-based activities, or in place of articulation pictures has been beneficial.

Feed the Monster (free)

I have used the app as both a reward at the end of a session or as a language based activity. The students make choices between which monster to feed and the various food items. Action words are targeted as they “prepare” the food for the monster. You can choose to cut, fry, boil, microwave, blend, etc. the food item and then feed it to the monster. You can “shake” salt and pepper on top. I have also targeted spatial concepts- in, on, under, next to, etc. The monster will make silly sounds as he gulps down the food and sometimes will refuse the food or spit it out which makes the kids crack up.

Draw with Stars (free)

I have mostly used this as a reinforcer after a completing a task or activity. It would also be good for targeting cause/ effect skills.

Phonics Consonants – Beginning Sounds (free)

I have used this app to target articulation with my preschoolers. I only have the free version, so the sounds I have been able to access are limited. My students enjoy tapping the pictures with the written word (even though most are not reading). The pictures pop up and the words are modeled for them. I have used this at the beginning of sessions to introduce sounds and during sessions for students working on imitating sounds in words. The full version is only $2.99, so I think it would be a good purchase if you have several younger students targeting articulation.


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