Slime Time!

I know that (fingers crossed) the slime craze is winding down a little, but it could still be a great activity for therapy! You could practice following directions. Here is a recipe with picture supports that I created using Symbolstix. This is where I found the recipe, originally (I didn’t include measurements on the picture directions because I couldn’t make it fit!) Other fun ideas include:

  •  Use your EET prompts to describe the slime
  • You could also incorporate EET into your slime activity would by mixing beads of corresponding colors into the slime. Kiddos could be prompted to find the beads in the slime and give that information related to the item or topic of your choosing (For example, if the student pulled the blue bead, he or she would tell what that items does.)
  • Similarly, you could hide lettered beads like any of these in the slime to use with artic. kiddos!
  • Work a slime themed fiction book like Once Upon a Slime or Crunch Crackle Pop Slime Shop
  • Or a nonfiction book like The Slime Workshop: 20 DIY Projects to Make Awesome Slimes―All Borax Free! or The Slime Book
  • This would be a great activity to use for push-in or collaboration with the OT!

Have you used slime in therapy? What fun activities have you used?

***Disclaimer- I would recommend having students wash their hands prior to this session :)***




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