Tech Tuesday

Dana Shanton shares:

Articulation Station:

I really like this app. I only purchased the most widely targeted sounds for my current caseload.  The /s/ sound, for example costs $5.99 and it includes /s/ blends. 

When you tap the sound card you  want to target, it will flip the card over to give you options for ways to practice production the sound (words/phrases/sentences/stories).

The app uses a wide range of vocabulary so that a therapist could target categorical naming, object functions, and much more if working with language/articulation combined groups.  

There are even comprehension questions at the end of each story.

If the student is still working on producing the sound in isolation, there is a light bulb icon in the top right corner of the card. When you tap the icon it will list the age of mastery for that sound as well as give tips on how to teach the sound.     

 There is also a voice recording feature that allows the student to record their response and play it back. This helps teach self monitoring, which aids in carryover.



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