Chapters 13, 14, and 15

In chapter 13 Melody reflects on some of the things that her little sister can do. She talks about how she wishes she could do things like show attitude through movement and draw whatever she wants. Mrs. V wins tickets to an aquarium. Melody immediately thinks about all the animals she can see and how badly she wants to go. When Mrs. V states there is an extra ticket, she immediately begs for Rose to join them. Mrs. V quickly understands the request and the day is set up. I personally loved that one of Mrs. V’s first thoughts was “Just think of all the new words we’ll gather.” She is always thinking about how to make experiences the best for Melody. Melody loves every moment of the trip until they come across the two most dreaded people. Claire and Molly make the group feel a variety of emotions (embarrassment, anger). Claire and Molly are quickly shot down when Mrs. V points out that Claire isn’t perfect either, she has braces. Isn’t this true…. we all have things to make us more ‘perfect’…. some things are just easier to identify.


Chapter 14 focuses on Melody’s desires for a more dynamic and expressive communication device. She wants it to be more like a computer and generate speech for her so she can truly be heard. I think about how communication devices can be limiting, especially as we are building students up for more dynamic devices. Melody compares the words “pasted on my dumb plastic board” to all the words she could use if she had a device more like a computer. She tells her aide that she wants to do her report about Stephen Hawkings. She ponders questions like: does his wife put him on the toilet? and how does he manage to be a dad? In this chapter I really saw Melody open her mind to all the possibilities a more complex communication device offers.


In chapter 15 Melody gets her communication device! She searched the internet with her aide to find the perfect one for her. Which brings up the question AGAIN…… where is the SLP in their life!?!? The rich vocabulary this device brings into her life is unmeasurable. When she says “I love you” for the first time (out loud) to her mom and dad…… wow!!


Amanda Piekarski


3 thoughts on “Chapters 13, 14, and 15

  1. Karen Reynolds says:

    When we learned that Melody was going to get/and got a computerized communication device, I wanted to jump for joy! Finally a way to communicate with others. It gave me goose bumps when she was able to tell her parents “I love you” for the first time. I, just like you, have been wondering why is there no speech language pathologist working with her, advocating for her or helping set up, practice and use her device???

  2. Jecel Goyala says:

    The Medi-Talker provides Melody the keys to a whole new world. Where she was once essentially silent and others had to guess what she was thinking, her computer gives her access to words, one of the things she loves most in the world. Through Elvira, Melody greets her parents, and then tells them “I love you” for the first time (This made me cry.).

  3. Sarah Crady says:

    Yes FINALLY she is getting a communication device. I have wondered the same thing throughout the book- where is the SLP in her life? Why has the idea of seeking out a speech therapist never been considered. I too got emotional when she was finally able to tell her parents that she loved them. I feel like those moments are why most of us went in to this career- to give those others a voice and a way to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

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