Tech Tuesday

Brooke Becker shares:

One of my favorite apps to use with my new iPad is Shadow Puppet Edu.  This app allows SLPs or the students to combine photos and video to create digital movies, books, or slideshows. Think: social stories (video modeling), sequencing, steps for recipes for class cooking lessons, etc. The possibilities are endless!  The SLP or the student add voice narration, text, and background music to convey a story and share information.  There’s also a built-in search which allows students to select from the web.

Starting off with Shadow Puppet EDU

  • Take photos using the iPad camera
  • Open the Shadow Puppet app and press the green add button to begin a new “puppet”
  • As you tap the images from the camera roll, they are put into sequence.
  •  Then, press a button and begin recording audio, adding text, or music.

The finished product is a personalized video story using still pictures. One example of the way I have used it is in the MSD classroom: I take pictures of the student modeling the expected behavior (ex. sitting in the desk). I then add the voice to the pictures: “Sally sits in her desk at school”, “sally has safe hands at school”). I have found that a digital social story is of higher-interest to my students than the ones on paper. It can also be downloaded and emailed to teachers and parents via text or email.

Hope you enjoy Shadow Puppet Edu as much as I have!


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