Tech Tuesday

Aimee Burton shares:

Since receiving my iPad a few months ago, I have been exploring apps and trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it into my therapy sessions. One of the best ways I have found to use it in therapy is to use it as an AAC device for some of the kids in my MSD room who are non-verbal. The Yes/No app by I Can Do Apps, offers a quick way to introduce and work on yes/no questions with voice output buttons. One student has made great progress using the Yes/No app when paired with preferred and non-preferred items.

Another app I have come to love and use daily is Sounding Board by ablenet. Being able to quickly create voice output pictures to fit a child’s need in the moment has been a game changer during therapy and it is one of the easiest AAC apps I’ve ever used. It has a variety of pre-programmed boards to choose from and it is very easy to create your own in a matter of minutes. Sounding board has become my go-to app to create meaningful voice output boards to go with books, recipes, games, and pretty much any other activity I have going on.

I have also found that using the iPad as a motivator is very useful. One of my students absolutely loves watching videos of horses and he currently uses a static 8 cell device. Another student loves to watch Kidz Bop videos and he uses three step by step switches with core vocabulary. They have both been very successful in learning and using new core vocabulary when they know they will get to watch one of their favorite videos for a minute. They have both become well versed in using words like “on”, “off”, “more”, “all done”, “different”, and “help”. It’s amazing how hard they will work when technology is involved!


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