Tech Tuesday

Nicole Bowling shares:

I am very thankful for the generous donations of the iPads from the WHAS Crusade for Children.

I have also used both the wh question app and articulation apps previously mentioned blog posts!

One app I hope you all may also find useful is Describe it to me!

I have recently begun implementing my EET kit more and more for a variety of goals. Since doing so I have found the app, Describe it to me, that pairs nicely with EET. The app allows you to change between expressive and receptive language targets. It provides a variety of pictures and multiple choice options that my students have really found helpful, especially when we introduce new items. You can also switch to expressive language mode when they begin to understand the targets.

You can also customize word/pictures for the session, if you choose. Some of the targets you can access with this app include

  • Word-finding
  • Categories
  • Salient features
  • Object function
  • Parts
  • Location

The app has the ability to track individual students, their data and their progress monitoring over time, a feature I have not fully explored but could be very useful.

It is a paid app, I believe it’s $10 but it has been very nice way to connect students with the EET kit and hold their interest!


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