Tech Tuesday

Everyday Speech

This website/app was created by fellow SLPs. The app focuses on skills needed in daily interactions, including conversational skills, nonverbal communication, and friendship skills. Worksheets, interactive games, and social skill videos are provided, making planning a breeze. The app incorporates traditional video modeling to build foundational skills. I use it mostly with my older students and they really enjoy watching the videos. I have noticed growth in their ability to greet peers and staff, as well as identifying emotions, actions, and cause-effect across settings. There is a 30-day free trial, however it is a 10 dollar a month subscription after that. Initially, I signed up to help with my classes toward my Rank 1 but after exploring the website and witnessing the success with my students, I feel it is worth the monthly fee.


This app allows students to create and narrate their own cartoons. I use this app to work on answering “wh” questions, sequencing, retelling and creating narrative stories, as well as social skills. I also use it with my articulation and fluency students. The structure of the app is by the various elements in a story and explains what part of the story they are working on. The students can pick their own characters and settings, as well as record the dialogue.

My Playhouse Lite

I use this with younger students. It is great for targeting pronouns, action words, categories, prepositions, formulating longer utterances, and following directions.

Thanks to the generous donation by WHAS Crusade, my students are enjoying the iPad and new activities available.



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