Tech Tuesday

Jenny Lockwood shares:

I have loved using my new Cursade iPad in therapy as a quick and motivating tool in my mixed skill groups. I also love Teachers Pay Teachers; however, don’t love all the cutting and laminating….. 

Enter the NO PRINT items that are popping up all over TPT!!!! I can download the file, save to iBooks or save to my home screen, and pull it up whenever I need some stimulus items. Here is one that I have really enjoyed using with my students this week:

—“What’s the Big Picture” Scenes—

I love that it gives me mixed WH question prompts to use for the scenes, but I can use it in so many more ways: inferring, predicting, conversation level stimuli for my articulation and fluency kiddos, etc. I even used them when screening a fluency kiddo at the Diagnostic Center yesterday… He was much more interested in talking to me when I pulled out the iPad!

I have found that the students like to look through the scenes and choose which ones they are most interested in – equals more communication opportunities. There are approximately 70 picture scenes, so I don’t think we’ll get too bored with them.  

How else could I use these scenes? Any good ideas to share?



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