Tech Tuesday

Kelly Youngblood shares:

I was so excited when I found out I would be receiving an I-pad through the Crusade for Children grant. I couldn’t wait to get started and find lots of new ways to engage my students! I researched lots of apps in my quest to find the best FREE ones to use. Here are my favorites so far:

My PlayHome – This app can be used for following directions, building household vocabulary, categorization, increasing utterances, and I’m sure so much more! This app also has My PlayHome School, Hospital, Store, and they keep adding more. These others are all $2.99 each, but I think it would be so worth the money!

Toontastic – This is a really cool app that I haven’t been able to really get into yet, but tried it with one group. The kids can create their own mini movie…they pick out their characters, select the setting, and can provide the voices for the characters. Really cool app!! It could be used for storytelling and/or retelling story, WH questions (who, what, where, when, why, and how), increasing utterance length, following directions, and story comprehension just to name a few.

National Geographic Weird but True – It has to be good if National Geographic created it!! This app has lots of interesting facts. You can also go online to the Weird but True website for short videos to give your students a more visual explanation of the weird facts. It could be used for answering WH questions, building vocabulary, and increasing utterance length.

Toca Monsters – For those kids who love to cook!! This is a fun way to pretend to cook in your room. You can cut vegetables, put the vegetables or meat on the plate, etc. It can be used to address so many goals such as answering questions, spatial concepts, identifying vocabulary (food), increasing utterances, pronouns, along with many more I’m sure.

Simple English Dictionary – I just happened upon this app when I was planning a multiple meaning words session. I had the kids look up the word on this app if they were unsure of the meaning. The app has simple definitions and also has visuals for each word.


I know there are so many more apps and I can’t wait to dive into them as I use my I-pad more!!


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