Chapter 211

This chapter begins with Christopher wondering if he should have gotten off of the train.  He is currently still hiding on a shelf from a previous chapter.  As he was hiding on the shelf, processing what was going on around him and trying to calm himself, he even took note of someone coming out of the bathroom and noticed a difference in the smell of their “poo.”  I think that it was interesting that he took note of this considering that all of his senses seemed to be in a heightened state of arousal but this was worth mentioning.  When the train finally stopped and he decided to get down from the shelf, he noticed that the police officer was gone as well as his bag with his supplies.  This really made me wonder if he was going to be successful ultimately getting to his mom’s house with his “essentials” gone.  Christopher saw another police officer, but he has now decided that he doesn’t care much for the police, which is a change from earlier in the book.  He was told that the police were looking for him, but he chose to keep walking as he no longer cared for the boys in blue (do the police wear blue in England?…I have no idea!).  As he was trying to navigate the underground, a stranger came up to him and said, “You look lost.”  Christopher had no usable social skills for this moment as his choice was to pull out his opened Swiss Army knife.  I can only imagine the thoughts that could have passed through that person’s mind in that moment!  I’m sure they were colorful!  Christopher bought a ticket for the subway, but had to watch others to learn the routine and what would be expected of him for going through the line at the subway.  A passerby told him to “get a move on” and Christopher’s choice in that moment was to bark at that person like a dog.  Again, I’m sure there were some colorful thoughts running through the mind of that passerby.  Christopher was forced to get on an escalator for the first time (very sci-fi!) but didn’t like it because people were too close to him.  This made him want to hit them, but he didn’t (good choice there)!  He started feeling sick because so many people were around him in the subway and was groaning but didn’t even realize he was groaning at first.  The thought passed through his mind that he wished he wanted to go home, but his father was there and that it wasn’t his home anymore.  This thought was also disturbing to Christopher because (to him) it meant that his brain was no longer working properly.  He ended the chapter thinking that there was nothing to do except wait and hurt.


I ended this chapter wondering…

  1. Will Christopher get on the subway?
  2. Will he make it to his mother’s house?
  3. How will he get there without the essentials that were in his bag?
  4. Will the police end up finding him?


Oh the suspense……!!  :

–Erin Williams

6 thoughts on “Chapter 211

  1. Holly Hamill says:

    Am I the only one that wants to hear his mother’s perspective on all of this? Despite his challenges, Christopher has proven himself to be quite the intelligent young man. Although, this chapter finds him making several bad choices again and I hope that he is safe.

    • Douglas Keefe says:

      I would love to hear the mother’s perspective too but she would probably start writing a book, realize that it is a very difficult process and run away before finishing it!!

  2. Dana Shanton says:

    I was definitely worried about Christopher’s safety in this Chapter! I assumed that more people would notice him and offer to help him or attempt to contact authorities. The fact that he believed that he was safer traveling alone to London than being with his father really speaks to deficits in social problem solving and his very black/white way of seeing things.

  3. Douglas Keefe says:

    Recently there was a story about police receiving training from families of children with autism on how to treat them in these situations. Should this be mandatory?

    • Holly says:

      Yes, I do think it should be mandatory to receive training on how to treat people with Autism for law enforcement. I wonder though, how they could identify that they had autism initially unless the person had a strategy to identify to other people or community members that they had autism-a bracelet, a business card…I don’t know what the answer is for that.

  4. Abby Ramser says:

    This part of the book made me anxious and I do not deal with the thought processes of Christopher. When I have been in larger cities I am unsure of every decision I make and if I am making the right choices. Christopher has limited social skills to make complex decisions and does not have any comforts of his typical life. I wonder if he will continue forward or decide to return to his father.

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