Tech Tuesday

Lauren Wempe shares:

Describe it to Me

This app is related closely to the EET Kit. It is a good tool to use in conjunction with the program. It also offers the ability to select receptive language- by selecting from a field of four options or expressive language- by responding to the question prompt.

The top bar indicates the types of descriptors: (Category, Function, Parts, Location, Visuals, Extra).

I like the visuals tab with the question prompt (What do you see?) This category is often prompt dependent in my groups with a verbal prompts for (color, size, shape). I like that making a choice offers some movement towards independence.

I think the homework sheets section is a great resource. Lots of good sheets for at home practice or intervention practice.

You tell me stories, foundation

This is a free app! It offers several stories with the option to have a narrator or self-read. This app reminds me of the program shared story book reading. The narrator comments on the text and offers language expansion and thinking aloud skills.

At the end of the story, there is a 4 scene sequencing activity.

Once this is correct, the prompt at the bottom is available to voice record the story sequence (1-4) and to play back. This directly relates to many IEP goals for (story sequencing and re-tell). Also great for oral expression skills.

I think this app can be a great resource for parents. We know many young kids are on tablets and are going to be- we can advocate for better language exposure apps. I think this app could be used as a tool for parents to understand shared story book reading and how to use stories to expand and improve language skills. There are also several stories in Spanish. This could be a tool for students to practice language skills in their native language.


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