Chapter 149

In this chapter Siobham asked Christopher why he had a bruise on his face. When Christopher was asked if his father had hit him he said he didn’t know because after he was grabbed on his arm his “memory had gone strange” when he was angry. Christopher said it is ok to grab someone’s arm or shoulder unless you are already in a fight in which you can hit someone. Christopher said he was not scared to go home and he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. After school, Christopher looked for his book in the dustbin, outside and around the house. He finally found a box in his father’s room where he found his book. He decided not to take because his father would notice and he would start a new book. When he lifted the book he saw several envelopes addressed to him. The handwriting was the same as his mom. His father got home so he hid the envelope under his mattress and read it after dinner. The letter was from his mom who lived in London and worked as a Secretary for a steel company. She said she was sorry she left and thought he hadn’t written because he was still angry. Christopher was confused because the letter said it was from 18 months after she died. He thought maybe someone else wrote it or it was for another Christopher. He decided he would put the letter back under his mattress and look at the other letters from the box the next day and try to figure out this new mystery.

–Abby Ramser


5 thoughts on “Chapter 149

  1. Rachel Lacap says:

    I had some suspicion that his mom was alive, but it’s crazy to think that his dad hid all that from him. If I had discovered all those letters, I would have gone ballistic, but Christopher thinks there must be some logical explanation, going back to his objective black/white, true/false way of thinking.

  2. Douglas Keefe says:

    Is it really crazy to think that his dad hid that from him? What would be a better alternative? Keep in mind that he is now a single dad with a full time job, a special needs child who needs lots of attention and whose wife ran off with a neighbor. What would you do?

  3. allison forrester says:

    I also had a feeling that his mother was still alive. It is hard to believe that his dad would lead his own son to believe that she had died. I’m sure that he was trying to protect him, but it seems that there would be better ways to go about it.

  4. Kristin Kelly says:

    I am reminded of a former student of mine (many years ago) who disclosed a harmful family situation to me. Due to her communication differences, the disclosure could easily have been misinterpreted or misunderstood by another adult. By understanding her communication skills, I was able to make a report through the proper channels and get this child help.

  5. Sarah Crady says:

    As a parent, I can totally understand trying to protect your child from as much as possible. But as a daughter, I can’t imagine if my father had told me that my mother had died when she really hadn’t. As well as hid letters from me! Such a tricky situation and its hard to judge what Christopher’s dad should have done in that situation.

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