Tech Tuesday

Tessa Sturgeon shares:

I have loved using the iPad provided by WHAS Crusade for Children in therapy with my students. All of my speech and language games from Super Duper and Linguisystems are great, but nothing gets a kid motivated like technology! Here are some apps I’ve been using and loving:

Word Vault Pro

This is a pretty straightforward app I use mostly for articulation, although there are options for Language and Social Pragmatics. I like it for my older students because it has simple lists of target words and they like making up sentences with the words. It’s not the same words I see over and over with other games either, so there is a little bit of variety. There’s also a couple fun game options, one that includes searching for the picture of their target word while pictures float on the screen, which keeps my students engaged for almost an entire session!

Caveman Time Machine Basic Concepts

This is great for all of my younger students who have basic concept goals. There are 3 options to choose from (Ancient Egypt, Old West, and The Future). There are a variety of picture scenes to choose from within those options. Touching any object in the picture will prompt the app to describe what basic concept is happening. After playing with the picture scene, students can take a concepts quiz to show what they’ve learned from the picture scenes. Great for my kindergarteners and 1st graders!

Following Directions

There are 4 categories within this app and I use all of them: One step directions drag and drop, Two step directions choose from 4 pictures, Inclusion/Exclusion choose from 6 pictures, Motor-skill based and conditional directions. This app gives more opportunities for a variety of directions and switches it up more than me randomly giving 2 step directions I can think of off the top of my head or using one of my games to have a student point to things in a picture I’ve shown them.

A big thank you to WHAS Crusade for donating iPads to the SLPs to JCPS! This has been a very helpful tool for my therapy.


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