Tech Tuesday

Christy Chesnut shares:

As far as the ipad goes, I’ve used it in several ways.  One, being app access.  Second, online games and activities.


I’ve mainly used free apps but have a few I like. 

Following Directions by HearBuilder has a decent tour option and separates directions by concept (spatial, temporal, conditional, etc.).  I don’t have access to all the levels but like the ones I’ve tried.  This is one I might buy in the future. 

I also like Autism iHelp.  This app has great, real-life pictures and addresses all wh-questions at varying levels.  You only get access to a few with the free version, but I’ve been able to work on who, what, and when questions.  I purchased level one for 3.99 and have been pleased with it.  The questions incorporate basic object function, locations, etc. but also have questions pertaining to attributes.  They also have an option for mixed questions to ensure comprehension. 

Activities/Online Games:

My kids really like the online games.  I’ve found a couple different websites I like that offer games relating to main idea, synonyms/antonyms, and multiple meaning words. and are my frequent fliers. 



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