Tech Tuesday

Kristin Kelly shares:

How do I use my WHAS Crusade for Children funded iPad in speech language therapy?

  1. Ready to go (regardless of who you are serving!). I was able to begin therapy immediately for a student who has multiple needs. I had quick access to touchscreen aps to work on yes/no responses and cause/effect while her eye gaze and touchscreen devices were being ordered through her private provider and materials were obtained through the technology center.

2. Changing Levels. I was able to trial a dynamic display platform with a student who had progressed well with a picture notebook. I was able to informally assess many factors that the technology center asks about and the iPad made it much easier (less time and more convenient)

3. Pictures! The IPAD makes taking pictures easier (no more uploading from a camera or using my personal cell phone)

4. Videos! I have been video recording students working on articulation goals as they transition to using sounds in conversation. This promoted self-evaluation, self-correcting and self-monitoring as they watched and listened to themselves on video. It was also a motivator for behavior by “earning” the privilege of making a video. This has been my favorite because students as young as 4 want to “do it again” so they can fix their sounds. Awesome!

Potential future uses/personal goals:

  1. Online assessment tools and online scoring of standardized assessments.
  2. Expand my repertoire of free apps.



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