Tech Tuesday

Melanie Gillenwater shares:

I discovered Toya Tap Match and Learn APP on the IPAD and my students have enjoyed using it throughout sessions. There are five free games within the APP and an additional 7 games that can be purchased for an additional fee. Noted below you will see the different categories included within the APP and they are sorted by FREE and ADDITIONAL FEE:

  1. Free
    1. Colors
    2. Shapes
    3. Animal Characteristics
    4. Family Resemblance
    5. Geometric Shape
  2. Additional Fee
    1. Color combinations
    2. Vehicle Types
    3. Shapes and Colors
    4. Silhouettes
    5. Categorical Matching
    6. Silhouette and Color
    7. Form Perception

I have used the game “Animal Characteristics” with students of varying levels of language ability and a few students working on elimination of final consonant deletion.

The main objective is to figure out which animal is hidden behind soap bubbles with the outline of the face, ears, and feet and/or arms shown. There are eight total animal pictures to choose from. They are cartoon representations of each animal with four pictures on the left side of the screen and four pictures on the right side of the screen.

The student uses the seen characteristics to determine which animal is hidden (inferencing). The student then finds the animal picture along one of the sides of the screen and then pulls the picture to the center of the screen. It then unveils the animal as well as verbally says the name of the animal.

The eight animals are as follow: cat, horse, duck, sheep, pig, cow, rooster, dog.

Extensions to this activity can be:

  1. Asking how did you know it was a pig (for example)?
  2. Asking the student to provide more attributes of the unveiled animal
  3. Categorizing farm animals versus house pets
  4. Naming additional animals you may see on a farm and additional animals that would be good house pets
  5. Asking what sound each animal makes
  6. Comparing/contrasting animals
  7. Creating sentences using the name of the animal
  8. Asking what do supplies do you need for a bath?
  9. How do you think the bubbles got there?


  1. Producing final consonant sounds of each animal
  2. Stating each individual phoneme of each animal as it is uncovered

As can be noted above, you can use this APP for an entire session as it has many extension activities. The students loving making the animal noises and asking each other which type of pets they have at their own homes.


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