Tech Tuesday

Lisa Ehrie shares:

Ipad for Articulation – Recording and Worksheet for Carryover and Self-Monitoring Skills

Getting students to self-monitor their speech, identify a good versus bad production and carryover their skills can be such a challenge! One of my favorite ways to use the Ipad is for recording students’ speech and then letting them review and critique what they hear.

I have found this activity generally works best with students who are:

1. Older elementary age (2-3rd grade and up)

2. Working at the sentence level, spontaneous speech and/or (structured) conversation

3. Most ideal for smaller groups of 2-3 students.

4. I review being respectful and no harsh criticisms when I introduce the activity.

5. I use this worksheet for students to fill out

  • I like to use the App called Voice Recorder (has pic of cassette tape on icon). You can create a file for each student within the app for their recordings.
  • You can also use the video camera on the Ipad, however sometimes having “video” can be distracting for the students and they don’t quite focus on what they hear as well.
  •  let the student read a few sentences aloud with their target sound OR respond to an open ended question that requires 2-3 sentences of spontaneous speech. (I let them see the question card prior to recording so they can think of their answer before I hit record).
  • Afterwards, we replay the recording and the students (even the speaker) each fill out the form. I printed several of them on cardstock and laminated so we can use dry erase markers and wipe off.
  • I model the use of the worksheet and fill one out too. They circle the level they think the speaker is at and then fill out the side questions. Student are often able to pick out words with errors. They also can sometimes surprisingly remember placement cues or other strategies you THOUGHT they did not know/remember….but as it turns out can share with other students in the “tips” section. It also helps build confidence with those students who are really doing great with their sounds.

This Ipad activity beats drill/practice some days and it helps build skills for longer utterances and spontaneous speech/carryover once a student is at that point. The kids think it is fun and whether they are the one speaking or critiquing – everyone benefits!