We have almost made it!

As the end of the school year approaches, scheduled get CRAZY and the kiddos are more antsy than usual! I wanted to dedicate today’s post to tips and strategies for surviving the end of the year madness! That being said….I’m leaving that up to you! Comment below about what you do to survive and thrive during the last few weeks of school!

2 thoughts on “We have almost made it!

  1. Holly Hamill says:

    Game Show Week! I set up my eggspert or other buzzer type items that I have and the students face off to practice skills we have been working on throughout the school year. For example, I say “Name 3 things that grow” and the first to buzz in and answer correctly gets a point. You can use a variety of language targets and then correct articulation errors along the way. My students seem to like it! With the end of the year schedule changes that are sure to happen, I can pull groups or overlap when needed by creating ‘teams’ within my small or a bit larger speech groups. Hang in there friends!

  2. Melissa G. says:

    On the last few days of school I have what I call, “Data Days”. I let the kiddos get out the “Communication Temptation Box” (box of interesting trinkets, mini puzzles, mini games and gadgets) that they can explore. They choose an item to explore or use with a peer while I model, prompt, cue and collect data on individual students/benchmarks. When I announce “switch”, they have to exchange communication temptation items and I collect data with another student. After I’ve rotated through each child, the group shares about an item they explored.
    With some groups during Data Days, I let them each pick a book from my shelf. They look for words with their speech sound in the book while I probe / collect data from each student. When I announce “switch”, they swap books with each other and continue looking for speech words. After I rotate through all of the children, they “share out” the words they found with their speech sound while I model and cue for correct productions as appropriate.
    Data Days allows me to get some ending data and see if there are any issues that I need to address before the kiddos leave for the summer.
    I include a description of some of these activities in a handout for suggested summer practice ideas. This is an easy task for parents to duplicate at home and the students are familiar with the practice drill.
    The activity doesn’t require any additional copying, cutting, pasting, clean up, etc. which is a bonus for me during the last few days of school. It also gives them some choice in what they do and I can “tune in” to what they are interested.

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