Tech Tuesday

Chris Scally shares:

I have tried to use the recording features of the iPad to provide feedback to students about their performance.  To let them see and hear their performance on a task and evaluate how they did.

Rationale:  Many of my students (and I’m sure everyone else’s):

  • Do not self-monitor in real time
  • React very poorly to my evaluative comments
  • Do not quite understand the target behavior and need a more concrete way of seeing it.

 ARTICULATION STATION:  The most basic version of this I do is using the record feature on Articulation Station. It’s $60 for the full program, but I have definitely gotten my money’s worth.  It features a simple to use onscreen audio recorder.  Many kids find it motivating, some but not all have been able to use this feature to listen to a trial and accurately judge it and correct it.  When I have a student who is FINALLY getting a sound, I will sometimes use the recording to share a success with the classroom teacher.

VISUALAUDIO Real Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer:  This is more app than I need, but it is free and it will give me what I want:  a basic graph of speech volume dB over time seconds.  When I’m trying to improve breath support over sentence level speech for kids whose artic and volume drops as they continue talking, this helps kids see what it is I’m asking them to do.  I use this early, when I’m teaching the basic strategies for improved breathsupport, slow speech, and over articulation.  When they have the basics and I want carryover to more natural utterances, I use…

SIRI:  “Hey Siri, can you show me a video of a bulldog puppy”  When Siri understands them, they are good to go.

THE VIDEO CAMERA, iMOVIE and iCLIP:  Some day I will have a SUPER CUTE post to share of this in action.  But right now I’m still trying to figure out efficient ways to manage the editing part.  So far, I have been recording students in the autism class having social conversations and reviewing the dynamics of it, not so much for corrective feedback, but to pull positive examples. “Listen to how you asked an on topic question, look at your good eye contact here,” that sort of thing.  As I progress this project I think I have a student whose parent will give me permission to share.

I would love to hear how others are using recordings to provide feedback.

Thanks, Chris!


One thought on “Tech Tuesday

  1. Jean Whitt says:

    I like to use Articulate it by Smarty Ears. I purchased it myself a few years back and though I get tired of it, my students do not. When I try to do something different, they always ask for the “iPad game”. I do love Articulate It because of the recording/videoing feature. My students can see how they are producing their words and hear them as well. Articulate It also keeps data on each student.

    Jean Whitt

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