Derby Fun!

I love this Derby PowerPoint and I use it every year!  (*I did NOT make it, but someone shared it with me a long time ago). It is great for vocab and Wh questions. I can make it basic and simple for younger kids or use it in a more complex way for older kids. We can take vocabulary or ideas from it and “research” them more.  It really hits all the components of Derby, which can be broken down and expanded however you want.  It always surprises me every year that so many kids (especially our ELL) know so little about our city’s most famous event!  Great springboard for many activities.  Enjoy!

**UPDATE** Here is the picture from Lindsey’s comment below:

Thanks, Ladies!!


3 thoughts on “Derby Fun!

  1. Lindsey Ludwig says:

    There are also tons of Derby resources on TPT, if anyone is interested. I also found a super cute horse themed snack on pinterest that I made with some of my kids today. I can’t figure out how to post a picture, or I’d share.

  2. Jessica Oliver says:

    My students made Derby Hat cookies to go with a video from the cookie crafting blog I made a while back. My graduate student ran the lesson and came up with some creative uses for candy to decorate. The kids loved them and had a lot of fun too. If my link or html works… you should be able to see a photo below.


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