Harry Potter Literacy Unit

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by [Rowling, J.K.]

This month’s Literacy unit is based on the Harry Potter series. These are the suggestions that stemmed from our September work session:

  • Receptive Language Activity-Jeopardylab website–categories are always “wh” questions. (May not be advisable to set it up like jeopardy–Could be too difficult for kiddos to answer in the form of a question.) Takes about 10 min to set up-saves online (You have to remember what you called it but can call it up at anytime.) Set it up for any number of teams. Can connect to a smart board, computer, switch access, etc. Can also make this multiple choice
  • For a chapter book we do a board for each chapter
  • Expressive Lang Act– Sorting hat– take out a question and ask the person the question, they have answer on topic back and ask an appropriate question back–great for students with autism.
  • You can use the sorting hat for vocab words–EET style, synonym, antonym, etc.
  • Artic-/r/–how about the characters (it is middle and high)! Reading aloud, answering questions
  • Cast spells using the words they are practicing

How do you use chapter books with your older kiddos?

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