Tech Tuesday

Pam Schmit shares:

I found a great free app called “Easy Bake,” and yes, that refers to the “easy bake oven.”

It is colorful and the foods look very realistic.  A particular food is selected, and associated choices grow from there.  One can “choose” a cake flavor, drag it into the bowl, actually stir it, watch the batter expand, then transfer it to pans.  An oven color is chosen, foods slide in, a timer alerts you to slide the food out, then you select your frostings, candy decorations, letters, numbers, and even candles you can light and actually “blow” out.  So many concepts and so much vocabulary can be targeted! Students can describe, wait, take turns, and read (instead of automatically pressing whatever message displays).  My high school MSD students are able to learn the steps of varied preparation processes.  My elementary students are having fun while they describe, retell using past tense verbs, and make choices using their target sounds.

Thanks, Pam!

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