Tech Tuesday

Becky Owens shares:

With thanks to the Crusade for Children for the generous grant allowing purchase of new iPads for student use, I would like to share about a few of my favorite apps to use in speech therapy.

Pocket Artic

I frequently use this app for students to work on speech sound production.

I find it most helpful to use with older students because it allows for quick practice, and the target phoneme and word, phrase, or sentence prompts can be changed very easily.

You can also select more than one student, and the app will provide alternating prompts for the students selected.  You can quickly record correct, approximate, or incorrect speech production and the app will keep track of student performance during the session.  You can also record and immediately play the recording.

Clue Catcher

This app provides a quick, fun way to practice using sentence context clues to determine the meaning of new vocabulary.  One of my students is motivated to score 100 Correct, and has re-answered his incorrect words to maintain a zero Incorrect score.

Inference Ace

I am new to this app.  I used it with a group of second graders this week.  I like how it incorporates WH – question vocabulary.

WH Questions

This app is made by Super Duper Publications.  I like to use the Drag ‘n Match 1 Question format.

One trick with this app is to make sure students say their response before they drag the picture.  Otherwise, they can get by without saying their responses.

One final suggestion… I also like the Webber HearBuilder apps for Following Directions and Auditory Memory.

I look forward to seeing how other SLPs are using their iPads to enhance student learning.

Thanks, Becky!

One thought on “Tech Tuesday

  1. Lindsey Ludwig says:

    I looked all of these up and noticed that it looks like Pocket Artic is no longer in the app store. Does anyone have any insight? Also, I tend to look for free apps…does anyone have any good freebies that they would recommend? Or advice on how to get school, PTA, anyone else to purchase?

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