Tech Tuesday

Kelsey Schuhmann shares:

How have I used my WHAS Crusade iPad?

It can be time-consuming and messy to move speech materials back and forth between schools. Having an iPad has significantly cut back on the amount of materials that I need to load into my bag/car each day. The two apps that I most often use are.

1. ) Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech – students practice speech sounds at word/phrase/sentence levels with picture cues, stories, and a matching game. You can save data under student profiles and e-mail data to yourself and/or parents.

2.) WH Questions by Super Duper Publications


Another way that I use my iPad is to encourage the use of core vocabulary words with my self-contained students. This school year, I have been using Jenna Rayburn’s “AAC Core Word of the Week” resources from Teacher Pay Teachers. I focus on a new core vocabulary word every 2 weeks. The packet includes visuals, handouts and suggestions for toys, books, and iPad apps to use for each word. For example, the app “Build and Play 3D” was the suggested app for the word “go”. The students always love an excuse to get on the iPad and it’s a great way to model and encourage spontaneous language use. Many of the apps suggested are free, but some do cost money.

3.) Power Play App

Thank you to the WHAS Crusade for your generous iPad donations to the speech-language pathologists of JCPS!

Thanks, Kelsey!


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