The Great Kapok Tree

In honor of Earth day (4/22) our Literacy unit for the month of April will feature The Great Kapok Tree. Below are the ideas the group produced!

(Probably best to use with 3rd-6th grades / present around Earth Day)

Week 1– Intro / Background info

– Where are rainforest located?

– Where is the Amazon? Types of animals and plants that live there

– Conservation

– Use Youtube or Brainpop Jr. to show video clips about conservation, life cycles, Amazon

river, rainforest, animals etc.

– Google/research what is a kapok tree

– Prediction/inference- what do you think book is about

– Pre-teach vocab

Week 2– Vocabulary goals/ syntax goals

– Discuss Tier II and III vocabulary in book

– Preteach using graphic organizers

– Associate to different animals that they’ve see

– Use EET

– Compare/contrast animals, plants, pro-cons of cutting down the tree

– Make a word tree and students add new vocabulary to the tree (ex. Student write on a


– Use Smart board, white boards, individual white boards, iPads, movement activities

Week 3– Comprehension/syntax/ critical thinking

– WH questions

– Main idea/key details/summarizing

– Retelling using appropriate verb tenses and/or summarizing

– Students ask questions

– Activities could include:

– Students are given choices of animals from book to summarize the page the

animal is located on (also to answer wh, make inference, give details, etc.)

– Students put themselves in order to determine story sequence

Week 4– Closing / Pragmatics

– Students complete activities to take on a character role to develop a short script about

what the animal would say in the dream

– Can draw, role-play

– Show Rainbow episode

Fluency- copy pages and color code sentences to use different different strategies with (ex.

Continuous phonation or easy start)

Articulation- highlight target sounds for single words, highlight sentences, oral reading, etc.


● Smart Exchange:

● Boardmaker online: (picture cards) (looks like it’s free for

the first 3 visits, then you’d be required to pay- has main idea, vocab, wh questions,

background knowledge/review vocab related to rainforests) (summarizes stories, highlights vocab,

ideas for crafting activities, writing activities, journal/discussions, online test)

● Blog with a lot of resouces specific to book/ rainforest (includes link to TPT for paid

resources/ specific graphic organizers):



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