Grocery Ad Scavenger Hunt

Happy Friday! Today I have a quick activity that requires only the worksheets in this post and a weekly ad from Kroger (Here is the link for the online ad, in case you don’t have a paper version. However, you may want to have the paper version because that will allow you to cover or black out the ‘adult’ beverages. You could also use any other grocery store– although I was looking at the Kroger ad when I developed the worksheet).

These worksheets will allow you to target categorization, answering WH and inferential questions, following 1-2 step directions, object use, adjectives, describing, and synonyms and antonyms.

Here is a quick worksheet that you could use for your artic kiddos. They will find as many items with their target sounds as possible.

If you use these and your kiddos like them– let me know. If they hate it or you have problems–let me know that too! If you see other areas that could be targeted, comment below!


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