Stuttering Resource

Today, Chelsea Graham shares a great stuttering resource she found:
I’m always on the look out for resources that highlight role models for my students who stutter. I’ve  been trying SO HARD to advocate for my students with communication difficulties. It continually frustrates me that my colleagues don’t understand how a communication disorder can impact a child in the classroom (other than a pesky R – they never miss referring kids for R!).   In addition to presentations at staff meetings, conversations during ARC’s, handouts during May’s BHSM, I also engage teachers in conversations in the staff lounge.  And it’s paying off!  Yesterday a teacher shared with me a touching moment she shared with her class, centered on a Scholastic News Weekly Reader article.  The article was titled, “The Voice of a Champion,” and was about George Springer, a baseball player who stutters. There is an accompanying video that can be accessed through the subscription (requires a username and password).

The teacher reflected on how her students were filled with compassion when they heard George shared how devastating it was, as a child, to be teased for how he talked. Then she sent me the article, with her username and password, so I could share it with my student who stutters. Yessssss!

So I thought I’d share with you all.  If you don’t have access to Scholastic News – shoot me an e-mail and I’d be happy to help you find a copy. I’ve also included a link to George Springer’s organization SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young.  This is a fairly new organization (I’d never heard of it) – and they offer a Summer Camp for children.  The fee is exorbitant ($3125!!) – but they offer a sliding scale to families based on income.

Katherine Preston, the author of Out With It, is associated with SAY.  She has a program called SAY Storytellers, where she mentors teens who stutter in the creative process to write their own story.

Thanks, Chelsea!!


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