Dixie Cups Activity


Today, Carrie Kaelin shares a quick, fun, and versatile idea:

This is such a fun activity. My students LOVE it. I saw a blurb about it in the ASHA Leader at some point last year. It is easy to adapt to almost any lesson, for both articulation and language. Just write a target word on the bottom of each cup. The students ‘earn’ a cup….one at a time; at the end of the lesson they can build with them. I keep their ‘earned’ stack near me and then give them the stack all at once when it is time to build. This way, they don’t fiddle with the cups during the lesson.


One thought on “Dixie Cups Activity

  1. Christine Scally says:

    I play an angry birds version of this—- one team or student earns cups to build with, the other team earns ping pong ball birds to knock down with BUT I’ve never used the cups as the prompt— brilliant and simple Carrie, I’m stopping at target tonight– thanks for sharing.

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